Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Will you Marry me... (only with my diapers!)

I have had a few questions about where "Married With Diapers" came from.  I do own a natural parenting boutique, but that is actually not what made me think of this name (as a whole).  My life revolves around diapers, and my customers (aside from my family who you all know come first).  In February 2010, I was planning a trip to Halifax with this guy I had been seeing for the last few weeks (6 weeks) we wanted to get away, it was our second trip to the city together, we went to the Guns N Roses Concert before, and we had a blast!
 So we thought another trip would be fun.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate to make a trip like that without letting my clients know, incase anyone would like me to bring anything up.  I had a large custom order that a client had placed of All In One Diapers that I make, so I saved her the shipping and brought it up with me.  I was working on it all the week prior to the trip, but my youngest wasn't feeling well, so I didn't get it completely finished before I went to the city, I had all of the sewing finished 1 hour before we were due to leave for the city.  I still had to shower and pack so I put them all in a gift bag, packed my scissors, washing instructions and business cards to bring with me (I only had the threads left to trim).
So my lovely companion arrives to pick me up, and off we went to the city! On the trip up, he asks me what I thought of moving in together.... well let me tell you, I finally had my independence and enjoyed living alone with my two boys, so I said it was something we could talk about in the future, but right now, I wanted to learn to live alone (This was the first time I lived alone ever).  He was cool with that, and raised a good point, I spent my weekends at his place, and he came over every evening after work to spend time with me and the boys... made sense... but still!
So we got to the hotel, and I said I had to get this order finished, it was around 9pm and I had to meet the woman at 9am to give her the order.  So my "date" went and took a shower. At 10pm I was still cutting threads (it was a large order!) and he came and knelt next to the bed watching/talking to me while I finished! I finally got the last one snipped!
He started talking all serious again, and was saying all these nice things and said he has something to ask me... anyone who knows me, knows I am easy going and have a mouth on me at times... this was one of those times I should have kept it shut.... but I didn't... and I replied "I didn't do it, I had nothing to do with it, and I refuse to admit guilt without proof!" He laughed and popped out a ring and asked me to marry him! OMG! I was in tears, I couldn't speak, I threw my arms around him and stumbled out a "Yes! .... as long as you can put up with me and my diapers!"
I married my soul-mate 5 months and 1 day later.

And so that is how "Married with Diapers" came to be.

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