Monday, October 17, 2011

Rockin' Green Review and Giveaway!

As many of you know Laundry detergents are not all made equally, especially where cloth diapers are concerned.  I was always a "Purex Naturals" fan, I didn't find it left a lot of residue, I could purchase it locally and it was cheap.  Boy was I wrong!
I always stripped my diapers once every 2 weeks, just to fluff them up, and make sure the absorbency was at 100%, did you know this isn't actually normal?! I didn't, I thought stripping was just part of diaper laundry, until I received a few samples of Rockin' Green Classic Rock in Rage Against The Raspberries, from Rockin' Green Canada
Well let me tell you, I was impressed,  I have 75 Microterry Inserts, that I have been waiting to wash to make my All In One Diapers with, but I had been putting it off, because with so much going on lately, I didn't want to sit around and do 5 loads of laundry, which as all of you know who use microterry inserts know... maximum absorbency takes quite a few washes.  So I figured, instead of using the samples on the new diapers I ordered for baby-to-be (no we're not with child yet, but we are trying) I decided to wash my 75 MicroTerry Inserts.
I ran my water for a few inches, then added the Rockin' Green, I like to see a few bubbles when I am starting my wash, it makes me feel better that the detergent is mixing with the water, and not sitting in clumps... exactly what I got!
Then I threw all 75 MicroTerry Inserts into the wash.... 
and watched the bubbles disappear to almost nothingness, which is a good sign as to not get buildup.
I also threw in 6 new Terry towels I had never washed before, AND I forgot to throw in the colour catcher! OOOps! So I figured "Great, my inserts are going to be blue" .... which was no HUGE deal, because they were going IN the AIO's anyway... so as I watch my water turn blue, I am hoping this detergent is all it's cracked up to be.
Not ONLY did my inserts fluff up AWESOME, they also did NOT turn out purple!  I have no idea what Rockin' Green Canada guru had to brilliant idea for Rockin' Green Soap, but I am in love!  I only washed my BRAND NEW Inserts ONCE, that's it ONE time! 
Aside from washing diapers, this detergent is great for sensitive skin, washing everyday laundry, and even can be used in your dishwasher! 
Dishwasher... this was a little surprising to me... who puts laundry detergent in their dishwasher.... ME! That's right, after I was told it was great for washing dishes, I had to try it!  I poured about 2 TBSP of the powder into the dish detergent holder of the dishwasher, filled it with dishes and let it run.  Surprise, surprise, my dishes came our sparkling clean, no soap residue on my glasses (which I am ALWAYS grumbling about) no over powering smell of cleaner that we usually get while the dishwasher is running, just shiny clean dishes :D
This Cloth Diaper Fiend, will never go back to Purex Naturals again! Thank you Rockin' Green for opening my eyes to the world of cloth diaper friendly detergent!
Rockin' Green Canada has generously offered one of my awesome fans a chance to win a bag of their choice! 
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