Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello Twenty-12 and the beginning of my new stash!

Happy New Year everyone!  It's a new year... new beginnings... (hopefully)... and a new stash... DIAPER stash that is!  As some of you know, we are TTC (Trying To Conceive) we've been trying since August, and while practice makes perfect, 2011 didn't seem to work with our baby making idea of announcing at Christmas time with all our family home.

So here we are, 2012, and this Momma is getting antsy for the postive HPT (Home Pregnancy Test) so I have been ordering newborn dipes, buying bottles (I can't breastfeed - no flack or comments appreciated on that sensitive subject please), making baby paraphanalia and driving my husband nuts lol!  But I am hoping it is going to work to help get our good mojo going! 
I went in to our local fabric store, and while speaking to the owner she asked me the question she always does "What are you making with the fabric?" I told her my plans and my reasoning that I want good mojo flowing and she said that is the custom in her country, if a woman is TTC, she goes out and gets baby items/ starts preparing.  I thought that was awesome! 
SO... here is the start of my "Common Baby Mojo"!!
^^ This is a Medium AIO (All In One) diaper that I made for Joe, and he never wore (I made him a Medium completely forgetting he was in a large, so he never got to wear it!)
^^ 4 Size Extra Small AIO Bum Genius diapers, bought second hand off Diaperpin.com from an awesome momma, these diapers look brand new!
^^ 3 Small AIO Bum Genius diapers, bought second hand off diaperswappers (not what I was expecting when I bought them, BUT they will do the job)!
^^ 2 Extra Small AIO Bum Genius diapers, bought from a Momma on diaperswappers.com, they look brand new too! This diaperswappers business is addictive :S
^^ These 2 Newborn Wool sets were knit by Morning Star Creations, I love this momma, she does beatiful work!  I won the blue one in an aution for a great price, and as soon as I received it in hand, I had to order a matching one in pinks!
^^ 2 Root Beer Lil Joey's by Rumparoo's purchased from SweetBottomsBaby.com, what an awesome woman to deal with, I will definitely be returning to her shop!
^^ 3 Grovia Newborn diapers in Cloud, Vanilla & Surf from SweetBottomsBaby.com (told you I would be back!)  Grovia prohibits the sale of these outside of the US, so before anyone gives me flack... I LOVE my Tante Pat from Maine who purchased these for us!
^^ Huge Pail Liner I made out of left over Jungle Babies fabric and PUL, love this and it is gender neutral, so I can use it for a boy or a girl!
^^ 6 Plush Bamboo Wipes from AppleCheeks.com I also have a bottle of Gentle Cleansing Solution, I just don't know where I put it at the moment!
^^ 5 pack of Rearz Juicy Wipes
^^ 1 Rearz Better Than Organic Prefold
^^ 6 Small Prefolds Made by Me!
6 Newborn Bamboo AIO diapers I made, I did give the star print to my cousin who announced just before Christmas that they were expecting.
^^ Rockin' Green's Rage Against The Raspberries ... of course what stash wouldn't be complete without diaper detergent!  I never used cloth diaper specific laundry detergent when Joe was in Cloth, but I will be trying it this time!


  1. Wow jealous of your stash, good luck TTC.

  2. Awesome prestock set up for baby. I'm using rocking green to wash the order I got from you! Good luck with the baby making! Sending you good thoughts and vibes!