Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Sales

I am a sales fiend... I love shopping, so I will be stalking the sales this Friday for Black Friday deals.  I am in Canada and didn't even realize how big Black Friday Sales were until last year, so needless to say I was not prepared.  Well this year I am all set! 
I am mostly looking for Newborn sized diapers

 *so if you see any great sales for these before I do, drop me a note!!!* And of course some Christmas presents.  I have both of my boys home on Friday so I will be coming and going alot on the computer, but while I am here I will try to post any AWESOME sales I find on Married With Diapers' Facebook Page.
I always thought that the best shopping day was Boxing Day... all the sales... all the people... the lack of money because we spent it all on the day before (Christmas).  I always went boxing day shopping, even if I only had $20 to spend!  Pick up wrapping paper and such for next Christmas, chocolates because they were always on sale, you know... junk we really don't need to buy.  So when I was watching CNN last year and they were going on about Black Friday sales, I was quick to google and see if there was anything available to us Canadians, sales wise.  I was WoW'd!
So this year I am shop stalking, while I can, I have 2 boys home and plans for the afternoon, so I won't be hosting a Black Friday sale of my own, BUT...
I do have an awesome sale on today $7 for all OS Pocket diapers!  Here's a link to the details:

and the link to my shop:
Happy Shopping Everyone!

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